Weeky Goals #005


Share your goals and dreams in the comment section or join our group on Facebook at The Blog Tribe to see what other‘s goals are for the week. Hold me and yourself accountable to our goals and encourage others to achieve theirs! I’d love for you to join us and add a link or comment sharing your goals. It’s a great way to get to know others from around the world and gain some motivation to achieve your aspirations.

Hey everyone and welcome to Weekly Goals #5!

The series where I share my weekly aspirations and encourage you to share your own on our Facebook page! I’d love for you to join me and share your goals for the week.

Let’s jump on in!

What are my goals for last week? – WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT

a. Continue to work on rebranding my website. (check!)

b. Make a few graphics (and check!)

Yay! I’ve made some major progress on my new website. I made a few graphics, proof read and edited pages and double + triple check my links. I still have a ton of work left but am very happy with the amount of work I got finished this week.

What are my goals for this week? – JUICE CLEANSE

Chris and I are doing a three day cleanse this week. We are currently on day 2 with only one day left. The only thing I’m finding difficult isn’t that I’m hungry but that I miss salt. I just want to snack on chips or have some pop corn. I’m not hungry im bored, I never realized so much revolved around eating. Wish me luck (and patience) haha!

Goal Sharing Rules:
1. Share a blog post or comment in the thread about your goals and aspirations for the week.
2. Make sure to like back to this post so others can share their goal-setting too.
3. We’re here to encourage and support each other so leave a comment and visit the blog on the post before yours.

Here are two of my favourite goals from last weeks Reader Shares:

Mary Elle from Emelle Labelle This week I want to do some blogger outreach to get some guest posts smile emoticon I am trying to grow my audience!


Natalie Brown from Cub + CaveOK this week I am determined to not get distracted with everything else to do with my business and concentrate on blog content. I want to post one new blog post and have another draft prepared.


Daphne JavellanaThis week, I actually want to write something for my blog. I’ve been doing student council stuff, debate stuff, newspaper stuff, theater stuff. but no blogging. AT ALL. Id want to post at least three new articles.

Let me know what your goals are for this week in the comments!!

4 thoughts on “Weeky Goals #005

  1. Hey Charlotte! I have actually did pretty well last week. Contacted about a dozen blogs for guest posts. Got a few responses, wrote those posts up for them, and they’re on their way to being published! YAY!!! Now to come up with a new set of goals for this week 🙂



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