Weekly Goals #004

Share your goals and dreams in the comment section or join our goal group on Facebook at The Blog Tribe to see what others goals are for the week. Hold me and yourself accountable to our goals and encourage others to achieve theirs! I’d love for you to join us and add a link or comment sharing your goals. It’s a great way to get to know others from around the world and gain some motivation to achieve your aspirations.

Hey everyone and welcome to Weekly Goals #4! The series where I share my weekly aspirations and encourage you to share your own on our Facebook page! I’d love for you to join me and share your goal oriented post.

Let’s jump in!

What was my goal for last week? – TO GET OUTSIDE

I didn’t end up being able to take Hank to the dog park but I did take him to daycare and I was outside a lot this week. So I’ll consider it a win. My boyfriend Chris booked kite boarding lessons in Squamish so Jane and I went up with him. There was a little farmers market and a festival going on so she and I had plenty to do. I ended up a little rosy after a full day in the sun.

What are my goals for this week? – Website Development!
Ok so I know this goal isn’t very exciting but I’m still in the middle of rebranding and it’s starting to take longer than I had hoped.  I’ve settled on colours and a theme and have completely changed the way I do my social media. The last thing I need to do is finish the new website. I need to make a few graphics, change domains, proof read/ edit pages and double + triple check my links. So that’s my goal for this week. Wish me luck!
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3. We’re here to encourage and support each other so leave a comment and visit the blog on the post before yours.

Here are two of my favourite goals from last weeks Reader Shares:

Cally Jennings: You are so good setting goals! Ok I need to think about some of mine. Maybe I will start with something simple and say I want to get to a boxing or TRX class one night this week!
Una Barkovic: I suck at setting goals because I usually just go with the flow, but maybe I should start, maybe that would make me more productive. So, ok my goals for the week: finish the projects that I started and work on becoming more consistent with my blog, maybe start scheduling posts. And I try to promote it more and connect with others.

Here are a few shots of last weeks goals 🙂

4 Types of Hashtags You Should Be Using to Increase Traffic

Let’s Talk hashtags

Are you taking advantage of hashtags? Are you reaching your target market? Using hashtags is the # 1 way to get new viewers to see your content.

Instagram is my number one referrer to my blog. Without it I wouldn’t receive nearly as much traffic as I do. Since stepping up my Instagram game I’ve gained 25% more followers and tripled my views in two weeks. A simple way I upped my game was to use hashtags and not just any old hashtags but ones that add value to your image.

4 types of hashtags you need to be using to gain followers + increase traffic. Via @ThistleAndOak #BlogToBusiness #BloggingTips
Tweet: 4 types of hashtags you need to be using to gain followers + increase traffic. Via @ThistleAndOak #BlogToBusiness #BloggingTips

I have a pet peeve when someone post an images and adds what feels like hundreds of hashtags like #followforfollow #tagsforlikes #likeforlike #spamforspam etc. And yes you read it right, there is even a tag called “spam for spam” and it has nearly 1 million tags. In my opinion it looks tacky, spammy and unprofessional.

Here are the four types of hashtags that can help you boost your views and increase followers.

  1. Content

    These types of hashtags describe what is in your image and engage your audience with the image. Try and keep these image on theme to your blog or business and post what your ideal customer is interested in. For example if your ideal audience is yogis and people interested in yoga, post images of yoga mats, yoga poses or yoga clothes. This is what your audience will be looking at so you want to grab their attention. You can even tag your yoga pose! #Yogi #WarriorOne #CobraPose

  2. Brand

    This hashtag is catchy + unique to you and your brand. they The reinforce your brand. our followers can use to tag images they took of your products or similar things to your blog.spend some time developing a hashtag unique to your brand. Sticking to the yoga theme Lululeamon uses the hashtag #TheSweatLife. Lululeamon asks their followers and customers to share images to show how they live. Other great ones are #JustDoIt from Nike and #ThatsDarling from Darling Magazine.

  3. Trending

    These are hashtags that are popular and well.. trending. They aren’t brand specific but still cater to a specific niche. Spend some time checking out what hashtags people in your niche are using. If your a fashion blogger or own your own clothing company you may use the hashtag #ss16Collection to show off your spring and summer collection.

  4. Event

    Event hashtags can get you major exposure in a short period of time. Again, if your a fashion blogger and your writing about fashion week use the tag that is giving for fashion week this year #FashionWeek2016 or if you’re a fitness blogger and you are writing about a local run #VancouverSunRun.

If you’re already using hash tags and still aren’t seeing results maybe its time to have a look at the hashtags you’re using and add a few new ones to the mix. You should always keep changing and improving your strategy.  I will be digging deeper into the art behind the hash tag in my upcoming course Rock Your Instagram!! Which I’m super excited about and you should be too.

If you found this valuable share it with an awesome blogger/biz owner who could use this tip to grow their audience and rock their Instagram.  Do you struggle with using hashtags like it did? Let me know in the comments!

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